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Beijing rising SUN STAR INSTRUMENT AEROSPACE science and technology CO., LTD. (Beijing SUN - STAR INSTRUMENT AEROSPACE SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.) (hereinafter referred to as Beijing rising SUN STAR INSTRUMENT), established in August 18, 2013, the company set up Beijing rising SUN STAR INSTRUMENT technology CO., LTD., reliability test center detection technology, mainly engaged in environmental climate resistance test and mechanical test and other work tasks, undertake corresponding test task of military and civil products projects, is approved by the national specialized is engaged in all kinds of products, including military equipment integrated environmental laboratory of environmental adaptability and reliability test.

The laboratory covers an area of more than 2300 square meters, laboratory area of about 1000 square meters, has electric vibration test system, temperature, humidity, vibration, three integrated environmental testing systems, climatic test chamber and other kinds of test equipment and testing instruments more than 15 sets. Testing of climate environment in 12 sets of equipment; Mechanical testing equipment 2 sets, 1 set of impact test system, with fast temperature changes, temperature shock, high and low temperature cycle, high low temperature, salt spray, vibration, shock, transport, collision detection, such as simulation test ability, have a relatively complete system of environment reliability test ability.

The company is the guangzhou east xu test equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as guangzhou east of xu) subsidiary, is an independent in preproduction and use between the third party lab. Beijing rising sun star instrument establish long-term cooperation relations with Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, presided over by a famous product environment engineering experts, well-known professor, established a perfect quality assurance system, in strict accordance with the standards of ISO17025 and GJB2725A run, has passed the national conformity assessment CNAS lab Dilac certification, national defense science and technology industry. Can science and accurately by GB2423, IEC60068-2, IEC61373, MIL - STD - 810 - f, GJB150, GJB150A, GJB899, GJB360 standards such as high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, rapid temperature, salt spray, vibration, shock and temperature/humidity/vibration compound environment test; Scientific, fair and safe and efficient to finish production environment adaptability, reliability test, the reliability appraisal test, reliability acceptance test screening test, reliability and reliability, intensifying test environment and meet the increasing industries product reliability test service needs.

Adhering to the "objective, fair, accurate, reliable," the quality policy, providing customers with high quality testing service, and continuous improvement; Adhere to the principle of fair justice, establishing reasonable charging standards; Adhere to the concept of customer first, enthusiastic service, providing customers with rich, comfortable, clean and tidy living accommodations, get everything security work.

Looking forward to your visit, welcome to long-term cooperation!

Lab view

 01 拷贝.jpg 

(1)5 t vibration table


Vibration test: 1. The sine thrust: 50 kn 2 or less random thrust: 50 kn (3) or less frequency range: 5 ~ 2000 Hz4. The shift: 51 mm or less 5. Acceleration: 223 m/s or less squared 6. Mesa size: vertical mesa Φ 650 mm or less; Horizontal sliding table: 1 m * 1.1 m.Impact test: 1. Load: 50 kg or less 2. Acceleration: 1960 m/s or less squared 3. Pulse width: 11 ms.


(2) three integrated test system


Reliability can be a baseline, reliability evaluation and reliability growth test; Can be sine synchronization under the comprehensive environmental climate test, random vibration, the classic impact test, etc.Test chamber maximum size: 1 m3; Temperature range: 70 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃; Variable bit rate (VBR) : temperature 15 ℃ / min (on average); Frequency range: 5 hz ~ 2000 hz; Largest installed mesa size: 650 mm; Maximum load: 800 kg.  

 (3) the temperature and humidity test chamber (2)04.jpg

High and low alternating humid heat test chamber (2) : 1. The studio volume: 2 m or less after; 2. The temperature range: 70 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃ (3) relative humidity range: (20 ~ 98) % RH

(4) rapid temperature change chamber (2) :05.jpg

1. The test chamber volume biggest: 1 m3, 2. The range of maximum temperature: 70 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃, 3. The temperature change rate: 15 ℃ / min (on average), (3) temperature range: 70 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃

(5) WenChong test ability


Temperature range: 55 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃

The temperature recovery time ≦ 5 min

The largest specimen size: 0.3 m3


(6) high temperature test chamber (2 sets)


1. Studio volume for 1 m after temperature: room temperature ~ + 500 ℃

2. Studio volume is 2 m after temperature: room temperature ~ + 200 ℃


(7) the low temperature test chamber


1. The studio volume: after 2 m or less; 2. The temperature ranges: - 70 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

(8)Salt spray test chamber 09.jpg

Studio: volume 2 m after 2. Salt fog settlement: mL (1 ~ 3)/h. 80 cm squared


1 (9) lightweight strong impact machine


250/500 j impact ability; Pendulum shaft center to hit 800 mm; Impact velocity 5.4 m/s; Estimate of pendulum Yang Angle 150 °;

Sample bearing span 40 mm; Jaw rounded R1-1.5 mm; Impact blade rounded R2-2.5 mm, the R8 + / - 0.05 mm

Sample size 10 (7.5, 5, 2.5) mm x 10 mm x 55 mm.



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