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Xenon light weather test chamber

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The chamber body adopts imported stainless steel, reasonable in structure, beautiful in shape.

Dynamic rotating sample shelf, adjustable rotating speech.

Imported touch screen control system, high accuracy & stability in control.

With light filtration system and harmful gas expelling system.

The inside chamber has some multi-directional spray mouths which can be used to do raining test, the spray period is  controllable.

The chamber adopts water to cool down solar energy spectrum long arc xenon lamp, the lighting time of the xenon lamp is controllable.

Various protection devices.


Q/CS01-92 Xenon light weather technology condition testing machine

Q/CS01-92 Ultra violet technology condition testing machine

ASTM Corresponding standard

GB/T2424.14-19995 Testring method


This equipment is designed to imitate the environmental factors such as sun ray radiation, temperature, humidity, raining etc, so as to test the performance of nonmetal materials, organic materials (oil varnish, coating, rubber, plastics) under these conditions. With this equipment, we can test the effect of the sun ray radiation on equipments and components. The main feature of this test is that the distribution of the sun spectrum and energy absorption degree of the control temperature condition can be observed on the ground.

Xenon lamp feature

Xenon long arc lamps are high-intensity,point light sources which conain xenon gas. These lamps feature a continuous spectrum which close to daylight in the visible spectrum and infrared range, making them superior for display lighting.

Spectral distribution curve Spectral distribution curve
Luminous intensity distribution curve Luminous intensity distribution curve along
the arc axis


Power supply 380V/220V 50HZ
Maximum current consumption 16.5Kw
Temperature/humidity adjust approach Balance mode adjust temperature/humidity
Environmental conditions 5-35℃ 40%~85%RH
Temperature/humidity working range -5-100℃ 30%~98%RH
Light source Light source types Wind-cooled or water-cooled xenon light
Power 1.5Kw~6.5Kw
Wavelength range 300~1100um
Irradiance 450-780w/㎡
Materials Internal material Stainless steel SUS304
External material Stainless steel SUS304 or electrostatic spraying A3 steel plate
Insulation material Supper fine glass cotton
Reduce wet
Mode Dew point method
Mode Tube type
Cooling mode Fully-sealed single stage mechanical refrigeration, wind-cooled
Cooling power About 2.2Kw
Heat system Heating mode Nickel﹠Chromium alloy heating device
Heating power 4Kw
Add wet
Mode Surface evaporation
Power 3Kw
Circulation mode Wide force air circulatory(top out button in)
Engineering Stainless steel major axis electrical engineering
Power 40W×4
Water supply mode Directly supply of pure water, float ball control of water level (auto monitoring water quality)
Safe device Electricity protection device, water path system protection, fan overheat protection, compressor overheat, overload, over flow protection, xenon light protection, eye observe protection device, overheat protection, temperature vary alarm
Sample speed 1-5r/min
Internal dimension 900×900×900mm(depth×width×height)
External dimension About 1630×1600×2310mm(depth×width×height)
Weight 1100Kg

Note: This product can be customized according to customers’ demand

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