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Salty spray test chamber

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This machine is used to test the salt-spray resistance of various materials after they are being treated in the surface, such as coating, Galvan plastics, organic or inorganic involucel, cathode practice etc.


Adopt automatic watering system to supply water while water runs out, making the test without being interrupted.
Precise glass nozzle (PYREX) make the fume diffuse uniformly and drop into the test plate naturally, warranting no crystal salt.
Double overheating protection, water shortage alarm, guarantying security.
Apply digital display in temperature control device, PID temperature control mode, fluctuation ±0.5℃.
Testing room apply steam for heating, making the temperature increase rapidly and evenly thus reduce the waiting time.
Nozzle built in disperse device, which is able to direct the fume, adjust and balance the quantity of fog.
Saturation air tank apply henry law approach for heating, making the inlet air has certain temperature to assure low fluctuation of the working room.

The application of national standards for products

CNS 3627、3385、4159、7669、8886
JIS D0201、H8502、H8610、K5400、Z2371
ISO 3768、3769、3770
ASTM 8117、8268



Item DR-120 DR-90 DR-60
Inside dimension(W×D×H) Inside dimension(W×D×H) Inside dimension(W×D×H) Inside dimension(W×D×H)
Temperature range +35℃ ~+55℃
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Temperature variation range ±0.5℃
Salt fog descend quantity 1~2ml/80㎝2·h
Power supply AC220V3¢45A AC220V1¢20A AC220V1¢20A
Test chamber 480L 270L 110L
Test water 40L 25L 15L
Other sizes can be produced based on customer requirements.

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