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Vacuum dry test chamber

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This equipment provides the appropriate temperature and the low atmospheric pressure environment  to carry out the heat testing on the vacuum condition in the field of electrician, electronic, aviation and other related fields.


With two layers toughened bullet-proof glass door, it is convenient to observe the object in the working room. The working room is made from stainless steel plate which guarantees the durability of the product.

Excellent heating system that shorten the heating time.

Compare with the traditional vacuum dry test chamber, it can reduce over 50% of the heating time.

The chamber door is adjustable and it includes the silica gel sealing ring to guarantee high vacuum of the internal chamber.


Model DP91 DP216
Power supply power AC220/50HZ
Power(kw) 2.5 3.5
Temperature adjust mode Balance temperature adjusting method(method of BTC)
Work environment temperature +5℃~+35℃
Temperature scope RT+10℃~+200℃
Temperature uniformity Normal pressure~1.0kpas
Pressure scope Electrostatic spraying A3 steel plate
Materials External material Stainless steel
Internal material High-quality glass cotton
Preservation material Vacuum pump
Vacuum device Armored stainless steel flat panel type electricity heating apparatus
Observation window Pt100, special pressure sensor
Measure device Digital temperature controller
Capacity(L) 91 216
Inside size(㎜) 450×450×450 600×600×600
Outside size(㎜) 672×670×1521 822×820×1671
The safety equipment Overheat protection , electric leakage protection, vacuum pumps overload protection
Standard configuration Observation window, sample rack
opions Recorder, special sample rack, additional shelf

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