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Outdoor promotional activities

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Recently the company organization staff went to qingyuan for outdoor expand interaction. Activities aim to enhance communication and understanding between the employees and increase the cohesion of the company, make everyone in to relax at the same time also can feel the harmony of "family" atmosphere.

 The activity of exercise and challenging to help company staff have a healthy body, and the group personality fortitude.

 Everybody took part in a variety of promotional activities not only project, also participated in the drift events. In free relaxed atmosphere, the staff to strengthen the team cooperation ability, enhance the mutual understanding, and expressed as a guangzhou east xu of the employee's sense of pride.

 At the base, also introduces the everyone can't wait, try to give big. 

 Spirit to the destination set out!!!!!

 Speech at the training ground instructor again instructions. We all listened carefully.

 The activity began to residents! The first is padfoot project. See next to cheerleading than participants more worry about it.

 Survival wall project. I had a roof, wall is immortal.

 Drift events.

 "Small kind, fell in the water, ha ha." Everyone had a good time.

 On shore, to a group photo.

 Finally came to dinner time, are going hungry.

 "See what see, have never seen a handsome boy?"

 For dinner, to relax and have a party. 

 Good stuff for the party! 

Good time is short but impressive, after two days of the trip in a hurry, everyone. The outing, let employees widened the field of vision, increase of knowledge, also enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise. Guangzhou east of xu test equipment co., LTD., to encourage and cultivate divergent thinking, knowledge sharing, unity cooperation, and win-win development.

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