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Guangzhou east of xu test equipment co., LTD., founded in 2000, the registered capital of 10.03 million yuan, existing staff 130 people, the factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, production workshop covers an area of 7000 square meters. East of xu company is China's electronic special mechanical and electrical equipment industry association member units, guangzhou association director unit, chongqing chamber of commerce, vice President of units. Technology progress prize in 2002 in panyu area, in October 2005, the Chinese credit assessment center awarded "AAA grade China quality credit enterprise", in 2005 through the ISO 9000:2000 certification. From 2010 to 2013, four consecutive years was named "guangdong province keep the contract heavy credit enterprise"; In 2013, became high and new technology enterprises in guangdong province.

In March 2013, xu of the east and the China aerospace science and industry group 2 hospital 201 DouDian cooperation established by Beijing test center; In August 2014, east of xu cooperation with Beijing aerospace university established the Sue home tuo test center in Beijing. Through the cooperation with top domestic scientific research institutes and universities, continually improve their own level of scientific research and production. Strengthen personnel and technological exchanges in cooperation, improving the enterprise market competition ability. For product development, design and production, as well as product quality upgrading laid a solid technical foundation.

East of xu company main products are: series of temperature and humidity test chamber, hot and cold impact test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber, three integrated comprehensive (4) test chamber, walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber, get wet in the rain test apparatus (system), sand and dust test apparatus (system), high and low temperature low pressure test chamber and all kinds of walk-in climate laboratory simulation environment (tank). Including temperature and humidity test chamber series products for electronic instrument industry association recommended products, and with approval, ceprei certification center of the measurement for measuring approval certificate. After many years of accumulation of market, build a large environmental testing module has completely independently (room) ability of design and construction.

East of xu set independent research and development center of science and technology company, a total of r&d staff of 25 people, including senior title 4, senior adviser to 5 people, intermediate title personnel 10 people, average every year 3 ~ 5 new products on the market, the company to ensure that the annual research budget accounted for 10% of total sales.

The detection system of the company is equipped with high-tech and advanced quality testing means and professional testers, has formed relatively perfect enterprise management system. In the mastery of advanced production technology at the same time, we have strict internal quality control standards, to ensure that produce powerful, good quality of environmental testing equipment. In terms of product after-sales service, we also always want to think of the client, actively strive for the first time to provide perfect, thoughtful on-site repair and maintenance services. Through the continuous efforts of all staff and struggle, guangzhou east of xu test equipment co., LTD. Has developed into environmental testing equipment industry technology leader, the market share is increasing year by year.

East of xu company in guangzhou, wuhan, Beijing, xiamen, xi 'an, nanchang, chengdu and other places established office, responsible for the sales and after-sales service, let the east xu products of high quality services around the country. Company products are mainly covers the aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic technology, the nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical, electric power, communications, medical, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, and other fields. Existing customers include: of the second institute of aerospace science and industry group, the research, four yuan, five yuan, nine school of aerospace science and technology group), China shipbuilding industry group's 701, 704, 710, 212, 861, 59 of China north industries group, in the nuclear industry group of nine yuan, five yuan, Toshiba, sanyo, photoelectric, TCL, midea, lite photoelectric, Intertek, SGS quality inspection, quality inspection, Beijing, guangzhou south group, south China science and technology, etc.

 East of xu's competitive advantage:

(1) the company has a number of independent intellectual property rights and its own technology, especially in temperature, humidity, pressure, sand dust, get wet in the rain with a lot of technical expertise, has eight independent intellectual property rights of patents, there are six independent intellectual property rights in the process of the patent pending applications.

(2) quality, technology, performance indicators have reached the domestic leading level, product cost-effective, obvious market competitive advantage.

(3) sales and after-sales service network covers all over the country, can provide customers with timely and comprehensive point-to-point service.

(4) product line is long, can meet the needs of customers of different areas and industries.

(5) have a strong r&d team, can provide customers with customized non-standard test equipment, to meet different experimental requirements.


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