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The chairman delivered a speech

Guangzhou east of twilight which was established in 2000, guangzhou, guangdong, along with the continuously go deep into the business, gradually extended to all parts of the country and southeast Asia. Managed after nearly 15 years, the company has grown into a research and development, production, sales, testing and after-sales maintenance services for the integration of high-tech enterprises, have a good faith, diligence, innovation and the excellent team of gratitude.

Guangzhou east xu is in line with seeks the value for customers, for employees of the interests, for the happiness of society, for the country's development concept, is committed to scientific and technological innovation and upgrading in the field of test equipment, developed a number of core technology with independent property rights, has an independent design and production capacity of comprehensive test equipment. As the manufacturer of environmental testing equipment, through the continuous efforts of all staff and struggle, has developed into the environment of guangzhou east xu test equipment industry technology leader, quality, technology, performance indicators have reached the domestic leading level, product cost-effective, market competitive advantage is obvious. Products in aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic technology, the nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical, electric power, communications, medical, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, and other fields is widely used, won widespread praise.

Guangzhou east of xu has covered all over the country sales and technical support network, in guangzhou, wuhan, Beijing, xiamen, xi 'an, nanchang, chengdu and other places established office, can be in such aspects as installation, testing, training, maintenance one-stop services to provide users with convenient, fast, stable quality and excellent service for the general new old customer approval.

Guangzhou east of xu's holding Wan Fangquan Beijing rising sun star instrument technology co., LTD. And Beijing aerospace science and technology co., LTD., respectively, in Beijing's haidian district tuo and well DouDian Sue home town establish environmental testing center, into a professional comprehensive environmental laboratory of environmental adaptability and reliability test, mainly provide environmental adaptability and reliability of the test and inspection services. Including Beijing su tuo test center has access to the national approval committee in 2015 issued by the laboratory accreditation certificate, have independent ability to undertake the project testing services listed CNAS certificate. In addition, xu in Beijing fangshan district of guangzhou east DouDian Village established reed township park covers an area of about 400 acres of Beijing agricultural base, estate follow the concept of green, ecology, environmental protection, for enterprise employees and customers build a pure and fresh and comfortable environment, green leisure and entertainment.

Carved and our feet on the ground; Mind the world, our ideals. Based in guangzhou, radiation throughout the country and around the world. The forecast future, facing the boatrace sails, win the competition situation, the east of xu people will down-to-earth, solidarity. Our goal is: through the unremitting efforts and innovation, with "honesty and quality" to build China's first-class environmental testing equipment technical service and product providers.



Guangzhou east of xu chairman
In August 2015


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