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In 2001, the successful development of salt spray testing machine, high and low temperature test chamber

 In 2002, the successful development of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, walk-in laboratory, three box hot and cold impact test chamber, drop, vibration table, etc., and the frequency conversion technology, solid-state technology successfully embedded into the company's products

 In 2003, the ternary cooperation with South Korea development touch-screen programmable digital temperature controllers and humidity controllers

 In 2003, successfully developed in the rain test chamber, sand dust test chamber, then test chamber, xenon lamp test box, etc., at this point, the company basic finalize the design product series

 In 2004, the independent development of PLC + touch screen control system, and successfully applied to the company's non-standard products

 In 2005, high and low temperature test chamber to apply for national patents, and obtain the patent number

 In 2005, three research and development of comprehensive test chamber for success

 In 2006, high and low temperature low pressure test cases of successful development

 In 2007, product standardization

 In 2008, the formaldehyde test chamber, ozone UL lab, TVOC environmental test chamber study successfully

 In 2009, the car environmental warehouse research success

 In 2011, the company has obtained the patent (get wet in the rain, high and low temperature test chamber, dust chamber, temperature impact test chamber, rapid temperature change chamber, xenon lamp test box, etc.)

 In 2012, achieve rapid temperature change (10 ℃ / min; 15 ℃ / min) test chamber series production and sales

 With the Beijing aerospace science and technology university in 2014, 201 in Beijing aerospace science and industry group su tuo, well cooperation to form a test center in Beijing

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